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Manage your NFTs like a Pro

NFT portfolio management tool that helps NFT collectors boost their profits


Everything you need to manage your NFTs

NFT management should be easy and smart because it can be

Boost your NFT profits

Connect the wallet. Track. Measure

Get real-time market data

See floor prices for your NFT portfolio in one place. Know the best moment to sell.

Easy to start

Connect to Metamask account and get all market data.

Discover new opportunities

Get alerts when the best NFT collectors buy their next NFTs

NFT Portfolio Management

Manage your NFTs. Smarter. Better.

Get real-time data.

Know the real-time values of your NFTs in the wallet.

We support Opensea accounts. Other Ethereum marketplaces as well as Solana, and Polygon NFTs will be added soon.


Rarity Ranking

Know how rare your NFTs

In-depth analytics.

Get the in-depth understanding of your NFT investments.


Top 1% Traders

Follow the best

Discover new opportunities.

Know what the Top 1% of NFT traders will do next.

Coming soon